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Distinct Global Company Profile

About Us: About
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Our Background
Established in 2012, Distinct Global Pte Ltd aims to be the top leading engineering and logistics company in Singapore. Our core business include Engineering, Logistics Management, Packing and Crating, and Warehousing. In Distinct Global, we treat our clients' problem as our problem and solving it is our pleasure.

Our Mission

Always Do It Right With Safer Method

Why Choose Us

1. Single Point Source for all Solutions to your Problems

2. We complete all our projects within stipulated time.

3. Sole Responsibility to help you save Time, Money & Less Coordination Work

(less miscommunication)  

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Our Business

Our services includes Logistics, Engineering, Packing and Crating, Tooling and Machining, Moving and Warehousing.

Fabricated Chemical Storage Fencing

Engineering Division

  • Design and Fabricated equipment for Clean room, Food Industry

  • Manufacturing experience of Chimneys up to 68" dia and the buffer silo up to 200" dia

  • Run Pipe lines up to 24" dia in several plants simultaneously for companies like HP, NH Techno and STMicroelectronics

  • Specialised in piping for DI water plants, Exhaust System and Process Industry

  • Wafer/Electronic Plants Support Specialist in PP/HDPE/PVDF/PVC/ECTFE/FRP/SUS/PTFE material

  • M & E Installation for Chemical Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and Refineries Industries

Installing Compressor for Client

Logistics Division

  • Experienced in Lifting Heavy Machineries to more than 45m height (includes items like Chiller, Escalator, Scrubbers, etc)

  • Installation of heavy equipment to the depth of 24m: Changi Water Reclamation plant, New Circle Line MRT Stations

  • Total Mover Services for all Expensive and Sensitive equipment including Crating, Rigging, Setup/Installation

  • Storage and Warehousing of finished goods and materials for our clients

Removing Outdoor 30+30 Ton Gantry  Crane

Other Miscellaneous Service

Demolish, Removal, Moving, Dismantling Services

  • We can demolish and remove indoor and outdoor bulky and huge items like gantry cranes

  • We also do hacking, rigging and reinstatement work

  • We provide moving services for all big and bulky industrial/factory items

Tooling and Machining Services

  • Manufacturing of standard parts Tolerance up to 10 microns: LRT Projects and ST Projects, etc

  • We are able to produce critical parts by milling and turning

Fabrication Works

  • Machine base and foundation, machine frame (eg. DSP frame)

  • Engine Bracket

  • Mild Steel Elephant Legs

  • Metal pallets

  • Work Benches

About Us: Services

General Engineering Projects

These are some of the general engineering projects taken up by us.

Fabrication and Installation of system Chimney including foundation work.

Maintenance of Cooling towers including fan dismantling for rewinding.

Fabrication of Shelving System for Semi-con Industries.

Fabrication of Mild Steel Buffer Silo unit for NH Techno Glass.


Site running FRP and PVC exhaust piping to Scrubber unit at the rooftop.

Running of Chiller piping in before 60% completion Cleanroom environment.

Design, fabricate and installation of M.S. Trusses for heavy equipment installation comes with certification.

Supply material and fabrication of Scrubber FRP Chimney, together with galvanising walkway and cage ladder.

Design, fabricate and site installation of the conveyor system for packaging comes with working platform & SUS304 Handrail.

Design, fabricate and site installation of SUS304 Feeder Hopper including of site installation.

Design, fabricate and site installation of Pressure Vessel inclusive of MOM Testing and certification.


Installation of escalator including of glass panel, conveyor belt and commissioning.

Fabrication of SUS304 Heavy Machine Base frame for WafferFab Industries.

Design and fabrication of SUS304 Cylinders' trolley for Semi-con Industries.

Fabrication of M.S. RO Skid and wire brush clean before painting.

About Us: Projects

Our Workers

Our workers work closely hand in hand to deliver more than what is required by our clients for maximum satisfaction.

With more than 35 workers of qualified engineers, certified lifting supervisors, riggers, signalmen, welders and fitters, we provide a variety of services to our clients.

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