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VivoCity Climbing Leaf Playground

Delivery and Installation of Climbing Leaf Structure Parts

Job Scope: Provide professional movers and tools for the transferring of the parts from the unloading area through the shopping mall area to the playground area.

The first part of this project includes manufacturing and assembly of some of the structural parts in the warehouse. Then, it was delivered to Vivocity to be installed. Floor protection is first properly laid out to prevent any serious scratches on the tiled floor to minimise any possibility of damaging public property. Operation areas are also properly barricaded especially in crowded areas to ensure the safety of onlookers if any. Once delivered, the installation will begin. We had to measure and position the Climbing Leaf Structure before mounting the legs and securing the bolts and nuts. Finally, we will complete the structure and touch up on any part if necessary.

VivoCity Climbing Leaf Playground: Projects

Project Photos

Photos include the process of manufacturing and assembling some parts of the structure at our own warehouse then finally installation of the structure at VivoCity itself.

VivoCity Climbing Leaf Playground: Gallery
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