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Challenging Projects We Handled

Challenging Projects Completed: Text

Case Study 1

Challenge: Lifting bulky and tall silo. To tilt and stand a silo weighing 34-tons from sleeping position on low-bed.

Solution: Use a 50 –ton Mobile crane for assisting tilting from Horizontal to Vertical position.

Challenging Projects Completed: Gallery

Case Study 2

Challenge: Hoisting down Transformer Unit (2.4mxW1.9mxH2.2m) Wt 8.6T. Travel through rough track way and confined door entrance (width and height constraint) 

Solution: Design Heavy duty lifting Platform. (3rd picture shows mock-up for  actual hoisting)

Challenging Projects Completed: Gallery

Case Study 3

Challenge: Scrubber Systems (L6.2m x W3.5m x H5.6m) Wt. 7-tons. Sub-merged basement, many concrete plinths. Construction site

Solution: Used Lever blocks and Mild steel plates, heavy duty rollers. Constructed Temporary bridges. 

Challenging Projects Completed: Gallery
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